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Atlantic Data works closely with its customers to find long-term solutions that are relevant to their business and simple to use, whether that’s a hosted solution or a ‘design and build’ for in-house use.

If you are unsure about the level of DBS checks your employees require, get in touch and we’ll discuss your requirements.

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Design and build for in-house use

With our design and build solutions, we’ll work with you to deliver an eDisclosure service so you can manage your DBS applications directly (known as a Registered Body).

DisclosuresManager is a web-based service for Registered Bodies to manage their police checks through the DBS, Disclosure Scotland and AccessNI.  You’ll get a fast, online and error free application process which means no handwritten forms, no applicant signatures and no reliance on the postal service.  Discover if you are eligible to become a Registered Body with the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).

Hosted solutions

Hosted solutions allow customers to outsource the DBS application process.  Atlantic Data will process DBS checks using its eBulk online system on your behalf (as an Umbrella Body for your organisation).

DisclosuresDBS is an online service which enables organisations in England and Wales to manage their criminal records checks through the DBS.  With this service, you’ll benefit from the DBS’s eBulk channel, which means a fast, online and error free application process.

Employers have always been able to ask a prospective employee if they have any current convictions. A Basic Disclosure is an official document that supports their answer. DisclosureBasic lets employers confirm whether an employee has a current criminal conviction or not. The information is taken directly from the Police National Computer and printed on an official Disclosure certificate issued by Disclosure Scotland.

DisclosuresPVG is a service for employers to manage police checks on their staff in Scotland. This service is internet based, enabling organisations to apply for PVG membership and PVG updates. The facility is quick and efficient, and will enable you to confirm if there is criminal record or other information that may affect a persons suitability to work with children or protected adults.

DisclosuresNI is a service for employers to manage police checks on their staff in Northern Ireland. This online service allows customers to apply for Basic, Standard and Enhanced Disclosures.  It enables employers to confirm if an employee (or potential recruit) has ever received a criminal conviction, warning or reprimand or has ever come to the attention of the police.

DisclosuresTracker is an online tracking service.  It enables organisations to automatically keep track of their DBS applications as they are being processed by the DBS. The system does the hard work – alerting you to any applications that are taking longer than expected.

First Pre-Check is an online pre-employment screening service to identify errors and false information in candidate applications, reducing the risk to potential employers and avoiding costly recruitment mistakes.  This includes education and qualifications, employment history and financial background checks.

PCI Screening helps organisations to conduct online background checks on potential or existing staff, in order to comply with section 12.7 of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards.  Results are given online and stored in your secure account to be accessed at any time.

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